Imagine Blog’s Five Awesome Activities for Children to do at Home

Right across Australia, lots of children are learning and playing at home. We understand it can be hard to keep your little ones entertained when you’re at home for long stretches at a time, so we’ve put together a variety of special activities to keep them stimulated, learning, and having fun!

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Awesome Activity 1 – We’re going on the BEST Scavenger Hunt ever!

How much fun is a scavenger hunt! At Imagine Blog, we LOVE playing treasure hunters as we go on adventures to find everything on our scavenger hunt list. We’ve put together three scavenger hunts, that will test your child’s numeracy and literacy skills, develop colour and shape recognition, and nurture nature appreciation.

Nature Lovers Scavenger Hunt – Perfect to complete in your backyard or on a walk around your neighbourhood, our Nature Lovers Scavenger Hunt uses numeracy skills, communication skills, and helps develop an appreciation for our beautiful world. Download our Nature Lovers Scavenger Hunt here.

Around the House Scavenger Hunt – I spy with my little eye…something purple! How many items can you tick off our Around the House Scavenger Hunt list? Test your colour and shape recognition, use your numeracy and literacy skills, and have fun with our squishy, soft, hard, rough sensory experience. Download our Around the House Scavenger Hunt here.

Supermarket Alphabet Scavenger Hunt – How many of these popular foods can you find on your supermarket shop? Tip! If you can’t find them all in one go, bring your list on your next supermarket visit and keep on searching. This scavenger hunt is great for developing communication and literacy skills and extending your vocabulary. Make sure you stay with an adult while you search for the items! Download our Supermarket Alphabet Scavenger Hunt here.

Awesome Activity 2 – The GREATEST Fort in the Whole Wide World

Here’s a nostalgic moment – Who remembers creating the world’s best blanket fort out of blankets, chairs, tables, and random bits and pieces from around the house that Mum or Dad would let you use? Recreate that childhood memory and help your little one build the very best blanket fort ever. Gather blankets, sheets, pillows, chairs, tables, and whatever else you can find and let your child create the blanket fort of their dreams.

Once the fort is built, it’s time to play fort games all day long!

  • The fort’s a castle and your child’s the knight defending it from the dragon. A pot makes a handy helmet and nothing slays dragons better than a cardboard sword covered in tinfoil!
  • Your child’s the world’s most famous explorer and they’re going on an adventure to find the hidden treasure. The fort’s a mysterious cave and the treasure’s hidden somewhere inside…
  • Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic…and teddy bears LOVE having picnics in blanket forts! Let your little one help as you put together all their favourite snacks to share with their teddy bear friends.
  • The fort is the world’s coolest movie theatre – just add more cushions and a bowl of popcorn and snuggle in to watch the latest Disney flick on TV or an iPad. Bliss.

All hail the blanket fort…the BEST. INVENTION. EVER.

Awesome Activity 3 – The ULTIMATE Masterchef

Children LOVE cooking. Cooking is a fantastic educational activity to do at home because it uses mathematical skills, language skills, fine motor skills, and coordination. PLUS it will give your little one a real sense of pride when they get to sample the super delicious meal they’ve helped create. 

One of the great things about cooking (apart from enjoying the end result!), is that it can be done with children of all ages. As your child grows older, you can scaffold on the skills they’ve already learnt – from toddlers taking a turn to mix the ingredients, to primary school children independently working on a simple recipe.

Here’s a couple of fun ways you can incorporate cooking into your child’s day:

Baking Yummy Treats

Muffins, cookies, or blueberry pancakes? Yes please! Baking is such a wonderful learning experience because it helps develop so many skills.

From counting skills – “how many eggs are we breaking into the bowl…let’s count…one, two, three!”, to developing fine motor skills and coordination to stir the ingredients – keep an eye out for our easy and delicious baking recipes coming soon to Imagine Blog.

Pizza Parlour Role Play

Hands up who LOVES pizza! Pizza Parlour Role Play is so much fun and extends on our Ultimate Masterchef Activity, by adding in a dash of dramatic play that your child is going to love.

What you’ll need:

  • Pre-made pizza bases or pita pockets
  • A range of your family’s favourite pizza toppings
  • Ramekins or bowls to put your toppings in
  • Paper and markers to create your Pizza Menu, or download and print out your preferred template below:

Pizza menu template with ingredients

Pizza menu template without ingredients

Here’s what to do:

  • Use our template or help your child create their very own pizza menu. Make a list of the toppings you have (if the child is a little older they can write the list or a younger child might like to draw the ingredients).
  • Write each person’s name on the menu.
  • Create your pizza kitchen – help your child to set out the toppings on a bench or table (pop them in ramekins or bowls so they’re easy to access).
  • Your child can go around with their menu and put a tick next to the toppings each person would like.
  • Then they can decorate the bases with the toppings everybody has requested before you pop them in the oven.
  • Once ready, place each person’s pizza onto a plate and have your child deliver them to their hungry customers!

So much fun and so DELICIOUS. I’ll have ham, cheese, and extra pineapple please…yummy!

Awesome Activity 4 – The AMAZING House Cleaning Olympics!

What if I told you your little one was going to have the very best day today helping out around the house…

”Um okay, and how? But also, yes please!”

Aha! Let me introduce you to The AMAZING House Cleaning Olympics!

We LOVE having our little ones help out around the house. It not only gives them a sense of achievement and pride in helping out Mum or Dad, but it’s also great for improving their fine motor skills, concentration, and it teaches them responsibility too.

Here’s what to do:

  • Make a list of tasks around the house your child can do – these are your ‘events’.
  • Create your ‘medals’. Print out our special medal template here and let your little one colour and cut the medals out – or let them make their own version from scratch.
  • Get ready to be wowed by how much fun your child’s having doing the household chores!

Here’s some event ideas:

  • The Picking Up Toys Race – This is literally the best race ever (for YOU and your children). How many toys can your little one pick up and put in the right place in 10 minutes. On your marks, get set, and GO! Count along with them as they find homes for all their toys.
  • The Table Setting Master – Have your child help with setting the table. This takes concentration, communication skills, fine motor skills, and numerical skills. Where does the placemat go? Where will everybody sit? How many plates do we need?
  • The Plant Watering Expert – Fill up a small watering can (or use a plastic cup) and let your little one potter around the house watering all your plants. Watering plants fosters a love for our natural world and teaches responsibility for taking care of our planet.
  • The Bed Making Champion – How do we make the bed? Have your little one go through all the steps to making their bed. Smoothing and tucking in the sheets, pulling up the blankets, straightening the pillows…once all the steps are completed, they get the incredible Bed Making Champion Medal.

Awesome Activity 5 – Make a Robot Buddy

How much fun are robots!

This activity focuses on arts & crafts skills, imagination & creativity, and fine motor skills, as you design and craft your very own super awesome robot!

Your brief 

Two of our friends, Harry and Jack, made these super cool robots out of recyclable materials they found around their house. Now their robots need some super cool robot friends and they need your help!

You’ll need:

  • Recyclable and sustainable materials
  • Sticky tape and glue
  • Scissors
  • Markers or crayons to decorate your robot

Here’s what you do:

  • Gather up lots of recyclable and sustainable materials from around the house (Harry and Jack say that cereal boxes, cardboard rolls, milk cartons & milk bottle tops are really good for making robots, or you could even make a nature robot with stick arms and flower eyes!)
  • Glue or sticky tape your materials together to make the most super cool awesome robot you can possibly imagine. Be as creative as you like with your materials and how you put them together. (Get an adult to help with any tricky cutting).
  • Give your new robot friend a name.
  • Get your Mum or Dad to post photo of your super awesome robot and tag and #imagineblogactivities so Harry and Jack’s robots can meet their new robot friends!

We can’t wait to see all your super awesome robot creations!

Don’t forget to check back in for our next instalment of Awesome Activities to do at Home – coming soon! And to everyone who is staying at home right now – you’ve got this! We’re here for you and we’ll all get through this together.

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