Join us in celebrating our wonderful Educators!

Each year on Educators’ Day, the Management Team take the time to acknowledge and thank our amazing Early Childhood professionals. These passionate and qualified individuals make it possible for our centres to provide a high level of early education and care to our families. Educators’ Day in 2023 will be no different and we look forward to sharing with you how we recognised our teams.

This year Early Childhood Educators’ Day will take place on Wednesday 6th September, 2023 and all our teams will celebrate and acknowledge this day in their own special way. Whether it’s certificates of appreciation and delicious morning teas, to therapeutic massages; personalised gifts; and team boding activities, our teams will make an effort to commemorate this special day.

A bit of history for you… Early Childhood Educators’ Day, better known as simply ‘Educators’ Day’, was founded in 2011 in Brisbane, Queensland. Inspired by World Teachers’ Day, it was devised by the Australian Childcare Alliance’s Queensland state body to ‘recognise and celebrate the work of early childhood Educators in early learning services for their contribution to the wellbeing and healthy development of Australia’s precious, youngest generation.’

In our eyes, Early Childhood Educators’ Day is about recognising and celebrating the wonderful contribution that our Educators make to our families.

‘Early Childhood Educators’ Day provides a wonderful opportunity for the Leadership Team, the community and our families to express their appreciation for the significant work that our Educators perform through educating, caring for and influencing our young children’s lives. Our Educators are the heart and soul of our centres. Thank you for inspiring us every day, and for helping make our centre such a happy, nurturing, and secure community, where children thrive and everyone belongs.’

 Nadine Ross, General Manager

We don’t wait until Educators’ Day to show our appreciation

The Leadership Team prides itself on supporting and celebrating our Educators and other team members all year around.  Whether it is ensuring every single one of our team feels valued and supported, to providing generous staff discounts; professional development opportunities; and above industry wages and conditions.  There are many ways we show our Educators they are valued – all year.

If you have a child that attends one of our centres, Educators’ Day is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation in your own special way!

How families can get involved in Educators’ Day

Some fabulous ideas, care of the Early Childhood Educators’ Day website ( include:

  1. Post on your centre’s Facebook page what you appreciate most about your child’s/children’s Educators.
  2. Make a home-made gift with your child/children to give to your Educators:
  • A ‘thank you’ card
  • Create some art – a drawing, painting or decoration
  • Write a short story or poem about why he/she loves his/her early childhood educator
  1. Pick some flowers from your garden with your child/children

We look forward to sharing with you how each of our teams celebrated this year.  Check out our centre Facebook pages to see how our special teams celebrated this group of special individuals.

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