The Childcare Rewards Program Saving Families Money

Every year hundreds of Imagine Childcare families are saving money and reducing their household spend through Nurch Childcare Loyalty Rewards.

Imagine was the first childcare provider to partner with Nurch, recognising the innovative program as an excellent way to give back to our families. The concept is simple – parents earn points on their out-of-pocket childcare fees, which they redeem for digital gift cards from their favourite retailers. By providing our parents with access to a program that gives them money in their back pocket – we’re ultimately helping our parents save money through their childcare fees.

Our families love earning and spending their Nurch points – especially as there’s so many great Australian retailers to choose from! Woolies, Coles, Myer, Kmart, Rebel Sports… Read on to find out how one of our parents spends her points, and find out how you can start rewarding your family with Nurch too!

Nurch: supporting our families by giving back on childcare fees

Groceries, Christmas presents, and even a little treat from Lorna Jane for herself. Busy Mum of four, Vallen George, loves how easy it is to save money through her membership with Nurch Childcare Loyalty Rewards.

“Part of the furniture” at Imagine Childcare Southport, Vallen’s family have been attending the centre for the past six years. Three of her four children will enjoy their whole childcare journey here, from Nursery through to Kindergarten, and she currently has two children attending – Koa in Kindergarten and baby of the family, Haven, in Tiny Tots.

“I’ll be with Imagine for another four to five years, which I’m pleased about” says Vallen who currently works and studies. “Imagine Childcare is a second home for my family and we just love it there.”

Imagine Childcare Saving Parents Money Through Nurch RewardsWe caught up with Vallen to ask her about the Nurch Loyalty Rewards program, and how it’s benefited her family by saving her money and reducing her household spend.

Hi Vallen! Thanks for chatting today. Can you tell our readers what you love most about Nurch?

Nurch is AMAZING. We all know daycare bills can be a lot, however when you feel like you’re getting something extra in return (other than amazing care), it really eases the stress.

How does Nurch help support your family?

We are really set and forget with Nurch. I love that we can let our points add up, and then use them at crucial times when a little extra is needed, like family holidays and Christmas for example.

Tell us about some of the ways Nurch has helped your family save money.

We’ve redeemed Nurch for groceries when we took a family holiday which was a huge saving. We’ve used them for birthday presents for the kids, and this year we have saved the points all year so we can spend them at Christmas for the kids presents. A huge stress off our shoulders!

What’s been your favourite purchase with your Nurch points so far?

The most sensible purchase was groceries on our holiday to the Whitsundays – which saved us a HUGE amount of money because we didn’t eat out! But my absolute fave would be spoiling myself with some Lorna Jane items last Christmas. It’s not something I’d usually buy so it was a nice treat.

Would you recommend the Nurch program to other parents and why?

Yes definitely. It’s a lifesaver when you need it most. It’s really exciting checking the points and seeing it go up each week and working out what you can spend them on!

Read more about Vallen’s journey with Imagine Childcare Southport in our next Imagine Blog post coming soon!

Save money and treat your family with Nurch Childcare Loyalty Rewards

So, how does Nurch Childcare Loyalty Rewards work and how are 1000s of Australian families saving money and treating their families every year with Nurch? Firstly, Nurch is a super easy, no fuss, loyalty rewards program. You literally sign up at your participating centre on enrolment and from that moment on you start earning points on your out-of-pocket childcare fees.

You’ll earn 1 point for every 1 dollar you spend on childcare fees. Your points add up really quickly, and the more bookings you have with your daycare centre, the more points you’ll earn. Once you’ve reached 300 points, you can redeem them for a $10 gift card of your choice…or keep saving them up for something special, just like Vallen does!

Reward yourself with Australian retailers like Kmart, Bunnings, Myer, Woolworths and more

From Kmart to Woolies – Rewards from Australian Retailers You Trust

One of the best bits about Nurch Childcare Loyalty Rewards, is all the popular Australian retailers you can choose from. When it comes to redeeming your points, Nurch has something for every family’s needs. Whether you want to redeem your points for digital gift cards from Woolworths for your weekly shop, or treat your children down the toy aisle at Kmart – there are hundreds of awesome retailers to choose from.

Fancy a night off cooking? Nurch has got you, with delicious UberEats vouchers. Want some paint for that special DIY project you’re doing at home? Go forth to Bunnings and spend those Nurch points my creative friend! New Year, new you? Get the latest gym gear and sports shoes for your whole family with a Rebel Sports’ digital gift card…Basically, you can redeem your Nurch points for whatever you heart (or your children’s hearts) so desire!

There’s new rewards partners coming on board all the time too. View just some of the awesome retailers on the Nurch website here.

Earn more rewards with Imagine Childcare and Nurch Loyalty RewardsThis sounds awesome! How can I earn more Nurch points to reach my rewards goals quicker?

The team at Nurch strongly believe in the importance of continuity in care for a child’s wellbeing, quality of care, and learning. These values align with Imagine Childcare’s own mission of providing a nurturing community for our families, supported by long-term Educators who build strong partnerships with each family, and are dedicated to every child’s individual learning journey.

The importance of continuity of care is reflected in Nurch’s membership levels, with families able to earn more points per dollar, the more bookings they make with the centre. Check out the chart to the right to see how you can earn your points quicker!

So how can I sign up and start saving money through Nurch?

It’s so easy to join Nurch! Simply enrol in your local Imagine Childcare centre and sign up for Nurch on enrolment. Our friendly enrolments team will talk you through the process, and once you’re all signed up, you literally don’t have to do anything more except watch your rewards points add up every week…oh, and spend them of course! It’s really that simple.

Can I attend any Imagine Childcare centre and sign up for Nurch Childcare Loyalty Rewards?

Yes! Every Imagine Childcare centre across Australia gives parents access to Nurch Childcare Loyalty Rewards. Our daycare centres are located in Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland, and we also have a service in Blakeview, South Australia too. View a full list of Imagine Childcare centres here, to find a centre near you.

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